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Generic Name: acyclovir (oral) (a SYE klo veer)


Brand Names: Sitavig, Zovirax


Dosage: 200mg, 400mg, 800mg


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What Is This Medication And What Medical Condition Is It Designed To Provide Treatment For?


The prescription main name for Zovirax is Acyclovir. Zovirax is a part of a group of medications known as antivirals. Antiviral medication is needed for people who suffer from different viral diseases that without the use of such medications would suffer from side effect complications. Zovirax is a well known antiviral medication and it’s at the top of the list when it comes to doctors prescribing it to patients.


Patients must prove to be a good fit for the drug. In many cases a patient who would be deemed a bad fit would be one who has used it in the past with minimal success or one who is allergic to any of the substances contained within it. Different drug interactions can also be an issue, but these things would all be tested for before a doctor was to prescribe the treatment.


What is the primary viral disease Zovirax is designed to treat?


Even though Zovirax is an antiviral medication, this doesn’t mean it can be used successfully to treat different types of viral diseases. In order to work the way it supposed to or to work to its maximum ability it has to be used for the primary viral disease it was formulated for. This drug is used primarily to treat people who suffer from herpes.


Herpes is a very serious condition, but it isn’t one that has to be crippling. This medication helps to control the symptoms associated with it and as a result can help a person to lead a normal life otherwise. It can even help a person continue with a healthy sex life as long as proper precautions are taken to add additional layers of protection.


How exactly does this medication work to control the viral disease of herpes?


When a person has herpes, the disease is very aggressive. This is even more so the case if a person already suffers from a weakened immune system due to any number of different reasons. The speed at which the disease can spread and grow is fast if left unchecked. This is what a medication such as Zovirax is able to do.


When used consistently according to doctors directions it can help slow down the speed and growth of the virus. What this does is minimized outbreaks and reduced symptoms as well as the severity of them. Not everyone will experience the same results, but for the most part the drug works to keep the virus under control.


If used consistently over time can this treatment help to cure the condition of herpes or is it only meant for treatment of symptoms?


Once a person has herpes it’s a lifelong condition. The only thing a person can do is use the proper medication in order to control the virus so that it doesn’t affect their quality of life. This is what Zovirax is designed to do. When used consistently and correctly it doesn’t cure herpes, but it does reduce the symptoms associated with it and as a result offers great physical relief to the effected person.


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