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Generic Name: acetaminophen and diphenhydramine (a SEET a MIN oh fen and DYE fen HYE dra meen)


Brand Names: Aceta-Gesic, Coricidin Night Time Cold Relief, Excedrin PM, Headache Relief PM, Legatrin PM, Mapap PM, Midol PM, Night Time Pain, Pain Relief PM Extra Strength, Percogesic Extra Strength, Tylenol Cold Relief Nighttime, Tylenol PM, Tylenol Sore Throat Nighttime, Unisom with Pain Relief


Dosage: 25mg


Where to buy Unisom online?

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What Is This Medicational Treatment And How Is It Going To Help Your Health Problem?


Unisom contain an ingredient called diphenhydramine Hcl. The way this works is it’s able to block out the impact of a natural occurring neurotransmitter your body created called histamine. When the amount of this chemical in your body is lowered it’s going to cause drowsiness, which will help a person to get to sleep and stay asleep.


When you take Unisom how fast can you expect it to work in order to get you to sleep and is this consistent?


How fast Unisom works is going to depend on how serious your sleeping problem is, how old you are and what your body weight is. Generally speaking the treatment should work to get you to sleep about 30% faster than what it would take you if you didn’t use it at all.


If you use Unisom than will it lead to tolerance with sustained use or is this something you don’t have to worry about?


After a period of use there is a chance that a person can become resistant to the sedation effect of this treatment. This is why it shouldn’t be used long term. You should focus instead of trying to develop superior sleeping habits so that you need the treatment rarely.


What are some of the potential side effects a person might be at risk for if they decide to make use of this treatment?


 Daytime drowsiness

 Dry mouth


 Memory problems


The above side effects have a low chance of happening as long as a person is sure to use the treatment according to doctor instructions. You need to make sure you are careful in this regard. If there are no doctor instructions to follow, then make sure to follow the directions that come with the treatment package.


How are you going to know if you have a sleeping condition that warrants the use of a treatment like Unisom?


Sleeping conditions can vary in terms of intensity, but you need to make sure you know just how serious yours is. The best way to do this is to see a medical professional and get properly tested. In most cases you’ll find that it’s something you are doing that if you simply stop the habit then your sleeping problems will go away. This can be inconsistent sleeping times or using certain things too close to bed time. An example would be a person who consumes a lot of energy drinks during the day.


Depending on the severity of your sleeping problem you might require treatment that is designed for long term use. Long term use treatment for sleeping problems comes with higher risks for side effects. In this case it’s going to be even more important for you to be careful. Proper storage is also important in order to ensure the quality of the treatment stays what it needs to be. This means storing it in a place where there isn’t too much heat or sunlight and away from pets or children.


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