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Generic Name: tinidazole (tye NYE da zole)


Brand Names: Tindamax, Fasigyn


Dosage: 300mg, 500mg, 1000mg


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What Is This Medicational Treatment And How Is It Going To Help Your Medical Condition?


Tinidazole is an antibiotic that’s used in order to help treat specific forms of infection brought on by bacteria. Some of these infections might include infections of the intestines as well as the vagina. Tinidazole can also be used in order to help treat specific sexually transmitted diseases. There are other purposes for this antibiotic not mentioned here, but this will be left in the discretion of the doctor who would be prescribing it. People who are allergic shouldn’t use Tinidazole nor should it be used by any women who is in the first three months of being pregnant.


Does the use of an antibiotic such as Tinidazole ensure that a specific bacterial infection won’t come back in the future?


If a doctor decides you have a bacterial infection that warrants the use of Tinidazole, then your condition would have to be fairly serious. If this weren’t the case then a doctor wouldn’t want to prescribe you something you didn’t need. Also, treatments such as this are just that, treatments. If they work out well for you then this is a good thing.


However, this doesn’t mean you wouldn’t have to worry about getting the same infection again in the future. This drug isn’t designed to do that. You would still be at risk if you don’t know what preventative steps to take or precautions to take. Here’s some tips to help you with this:


 Ask your doctor to provide you with exact steps or actions you can take to prevent the type of bacterial infection you have now. In many cases what they’ll do is give you things you can do in order to lower your overall risk. There’s no guarantee you’ll actually be able to keep such a problem away, just lower the risk. You can also find plenty of information on line if you don’t want to ask this to a doctor.


 Learn how to detect the first signs of getting a certain bacterial infection. You might not have been able to recognize these signs the first time but you can if you should ever get it again. Sometimes the first signs can be so small you have to look extra hard in order to notice them. The reason it’s important to catch the problem early if you can is so that treatment duration won’t have to be so long. The less you have to use antibiotics the better.


Tinidazole is effective, but it certainly won’t help you to not get a certain infection again in the future. You have to exercise caution and make sure you are well informed on what to look out for. The reason you might have gotten a certain bacterial infection in the first place might not be through no direct fault of your own. So don’t worry about this. In some cases some people are just more vulnerable or at a higher risk than others.


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