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Generic Name: atenolol (a TEN oh lol)


Brand Names: Tenormin


Dosage: 50mg, 100mg


Where to buy Tenormin online?

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What Is This Medication And What Is It Designed To Do In Order To Help Your Condition Improve?


The generic name for Tenormin is Atenolol. It’s a form of beta-blocker that’s able to have an effect on the heart as well as circulation (blood flowing to the arteries and veins). In addition to this it can be used in order to treat people who have angina (chest pains) as well as hypertension (high blood pressure). This medication can also be used in order to decrease the risk of death after someone has suffered a heart attack.


What are some of the possible common side effects you might be at risk for if you decide to use this prescription medication?


 Allergic reactions: Hives, difficult breathing; swelling of your face, lips, tongue, or throat




 Feeling tired


 Depressed mood


If you use Tenormin and a doctor gives you a specific minimum dosage to start you out, then why is it good to get the most you can out of that dosage level?


Keeping away from having to switch over to other varieties of blood pressure lowering medications.


If you aren’t able to get the most out of the dosage of Tenormin a doctor gives you, then there are only two choices. You’ll have to either get a higher dosage or you’ll have to use something else. The problem with having to switch to other varieties of blood pressure lowering medications is you run the risk of coming across one that’s going to be extra risky for you. You want to avoid this.


Being able to limit how long you have to stay using the medication, and as a result lowering your dependency on it long term.


Certain medications are designed for you to use them on a consistent basis, but this doesn’t mean this has to be the case. If you get the most out of the lowest dosages of Tenormin, then this gives you the best chance of being able to limit how long you stay using the medication altogether. You won’t be dependent on it and this is a good thing.


Keeping away the possibility of unwanted side effects that would come with increased dosages.


If you have to increase your dosage of Tenormin, then with this comes an increased risk of unwanted side effects. Yes, you might have a high blood pressure problem that requires a larger dose, but you would want to make sure this was the case. Unwanted side effects can be extra problematic for some people who already suffer from other conditions and are using other medications for the treatment of them.


Developing other healthy habits that would lead to the lowering of blood pressure that you can sustain long term.


When you use Tenormin the doctor is going to tell you some small lifestyle changes you might have to make or should consider making. This is in order to ensure you get the most out of using the treatment. The good news is that if you partake in these for long enough, then they’ll turn into habits. These habits will make it easier for you to control high blood pressure better and without having to rely on medications in the long run.


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