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Brand Names: Tadacip


Dosage: 20mg


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Tadacip tablets are used to help treat a form of impotence in men called erectile dysfunction. This is when a man has a hard time getting and maintaining an erection. As a result of this condition it becomes hard to engage in sexual activity, because the blood flow to the penis area just isn’t what it needs to be. Tadacip is able to help certain blood vessels in the penis relax and as a result this increases blood flow, which leads to an erection. With sexual stimulation the effect is even greater and makes for sustained erections.


What are some of the potential side effects of using this medication to treat your condition?



 Dizziness or light-headedness


 Nasal congestion

 Dyspepsia (heartburn)



What are some of the more rare side effects a man might be at risk of if he uses Tadacip?


 Visual disturbance

 Increased tear formation causing watery eyes

 Changes in blood pressure (hypo and hypertension)


 Dyspnoea (shortness of breath)

 Pain (in the back joints, abdomen)


Does this medication come with additional benefits besides just helping with erectile dysfunction, sort of like wakefulness drugs come with the side effect of increased focus?


The thing about Tadacip is that it can come with increased benefits, but many of these are going to be more on the psychological side of things. If you see you’re able to get and keep an erection, then the quality of your sex life will improve, which means you’ll feel better. This will lead to increased confidence and better mental health. Superior mental health leads to a lower chance of suffering from problems such as anxiety or depression. The drug can also lead to increased energy.


Does the frequency of use effect how well this medication is going to work and if this is the case how do you go about handling this?


In order to be on the safe side you should make sure you use Tadacip only when you need it and how you’re supposed to. If you find you need to use the drug every time you have sex, then there’s no problem as long as it still falls in line with your recommended dosage. The one thing to keep in mind is at times when you feel you might not need the drug, don’t use it. Keeping yourself from becoming over reliant on the drug will help. Plus you can ensure the drug stays as effective as you need it to be long term.


Does timing play a role in how well this medication is going to work, meaning the time of day you take it or does this not matter much?


When it comes to men a lot of them tend to be sexually aroused in the morning. Some may feel sexually aroused at night. Sexual dysfunction drugs like Tadacip aren’t designed to be effective if the man isn’t in the mood for sex or receiving some form of sexual stimulation. So if a man finds he’s more aroused at certain times, then he should try to center taking this drug at those times in order to get the best result. This isn’t a requirement, but it will help men who have an especially serious ED condition.


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