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Generic Name: levothyroxine (LEE voe thye ROX een)


Brand Names: Levoxyl, Synthroid, Tirosint, Unithroid


Dosage: 25MCG, 50MCG, 75MCG, 100MCG, 125MCG, 150MCG, 200MCG


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What This Medication Is And How It’s Beneficial For The Purpose It Intended For


The generic name for the medication Synthroid is (levothyroxine). It’s a form of thyroid medication that’s has the ability to replace a hormone that the thyroid gland is able to make normally in order to get the body’s energy and metabolism under proper control. Synthroid is usually given out in cases that the thyroid isn’t making enough of this hormone by itself.


In addition to treating hypothyroidism (low thyroid hormone) the drug can also be used in order to help treat or stop goiter ( an enlarged thyroid gland), which can be brought on because of hormone imbalances, radiation treatment, surgeries or even cancer.


If you want to make use of this medicational treatment, but already have certain preexisting conditions, then will you still be able to use this drug or will you have to be given an alternative option?


There’s a chance that you might not be able to use this medication if you have certain medical problems. You’ll likely be given an alternative that’s safer in this case. Let a doctor know if you have an adrenal gland disorder that’s untreated or uncontrolled, a thyroid disorder called thyrotoxicosis or if you’ve had any recent or current signs of a heart attack.


Is it safe to use this drug in order to help treat obesity and serious weight problems rather than to use a drug that’s designed solely for that purpose, or should it be used only for its main purpose?


Synthroid shouldn’t be used in order to help treat obesity problems or weight loss problems. If a person does this there can be dangerous side effects and even death due to the misuse of this medication. The risk is even higher if a person is already using other forms of weight loss medications/appetite suppressants.


If you use this medication while pregnant, then is there a chance it can cause problems for an unborn baby and if so should a women stop using the drug in order to prevent this?


Synthroid is not known to cause problems for an unborn baby. If you are pregnant, then you don’t have to stop using this drug unless you speak with a doctor and they tell you it would be safer in your case to do so.


Is it safe to deviate from the directions a doctor might give you about how to take this drug or should you always stay with the directions given to you no matter how comfortable you become with use?


You will always want to take this medication exactly as a doctor tells you. The main reason for this is because the directions they give you are designed to keep your risk of problems down and maximize the drug’s effectiveness. Deviating from this increases risk.


What are some of the potential common side effects as well as some of the more serious side effects a person might be at risk for if they decide to use this drug or find they have to use this drug?


Serious possible side effects:


 Fast or irregular heart rate


 Chest pain, feeling short breath


 Fever, hot flashes, sweating


 Feeling unusually cold


 Weakness, tiredness, sleep problems (insomnia)


 Memory problems, feeling depressed or irritable


 Muscle aches


 Dryness of your skin or hair, hair loss


 Changes in your menstrual periods


 Vomiting, diarrhea, appetite changes, weight changes


Common potential side effects:


 Leg cramps, muscle weakness


 Feeling nervous or irritable


 Skin rash, mild hair loss


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