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Brand Names: Sildalis


Dosage: 120mg


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Sildalis is a very effective medication that’s used in order to help provide treatment for men who have erectile dysfunction problems. What makes slidalis a little bit different from other options on the market is its unique formula. This unique formula is very strong and works better than a lot of other ED medications on the market. Slidalis is made up of tadalafil as well as sildenafil citrate blended together. Proper use of this medication will enable a man to manage their erectile dysfunction problem as well as restore what might be a currently lacking sex life.


Why should men decide to use this medication over other ED options out there? What additional value does it offer?


Because Sildalis is so potent, having a mixture of sildenafil and tadalafil, the drug might work better for men with more serious ED problems than others. There are certain men who have to try virtually every ED medication out there, at least the well known ones. This is because those medications aren’t doing a good job of working to treat their particular problem, which can be very severe. Sildalis might be able to succeed where those other medications couldn’t. It provides prolonged and sustainable erections.


What’s the best way to take this drug as far as timing is concerned. Is timing going to affect how well it can work?


For the most part it’s best to take Sildalis about 20 minutes before you’re about to have sex. However, in order to ensure the drug works the way it’s supposed to its best to take it about an hour before. The reason why an hour seems to be the preferred advance time to take it is because this ensures it has enough time to work through your bloodstream. When this happens the result will be better, meaning a firmer erection for a longer period of time.


What are some of the potential minor side effects as well as major side effects a person might be at risk of as a result of using this medication?


 Mild vision impairment with high sensitivity to light

 Blurriness of vision

 Drop in blood pressure that could be accompanied by heartburn

 Drowsiness, flushing, dizziness, and vomiting


The above side effects usually don’t happen at all and in cases where they do it’s just because of a person having to take time to get used to the treatment.


Why is it important to take this medication under the watch of a qualified physician?


Some ED medications don’t require this, because they aren’t as strong. However, Sildalis is very strong and in some cases a man can react to it the wrong way. Some men might take the medication and not react to it at all at first, so they’ll try to take more. This is dangerous to do. Other men might experience erections lasting longer than what they should. Then you have men who have certain lifestyles that make using this drug riskier. A doctor can monitor you in the initial stages and see how you respond. If all goes well then there’s no need to make any changes or take you off the drug.


As mentioned before, this is a very powerful drug and is recommended to be taken under the instructions of a qualified physician.


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