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Generic Name: –


Brand Names: Roxithromycin


Dosage: 150mg


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What Is This Medicational Treatment And What Is it Going To Do For Your Condition?


Roxithromycin is a form of a semi-synthetic macrolide antibiotic. It’s made use of in order to offer treatment for respiratory tract problems, urinary tract as well as soft tissue infections. Roxithromycin comes from erythromycin, and because of this it contains a similar 14 membered lactone ring. You can find this treatment under a number of different brand names. There are other uses for this drug that a doctor will have to determine.


How do you know if Roxithromycin is the right antibiotic for your condition?


There isn’t really a way to know for sure other than to ask a doctor why they decided to prescribe it over other options. Some of the reasons they might decide to give you Roxithromycin over other options is as follows:


 They don’t trust prescribing other antibiotics for the bacterial infection you have. This can be because they’ve had patients who haven’t responded well to such treatment lately and as a result they don’t want to give out that option. Doctors tend to go with what’s working well at the moment and what’s worked well in the past. This can make them a little biased.


 A medical professional might feel your condition wouldn’t respond well to other options, for certain reasons. The main reason can be because you might have a resistance to those other options, but just aren’t aware of it. This is why it will be very important to disclose any and all antibiotics you’ve used in the past. It allows your doctor to better serve you.


 Some doctors prefer to go with antibiotic treatments for certain bacterial infections they have a lot of knowledge in. It’s bad because it means their biased. It’s good because it mean they will be able to answer any and all questions you have. You won’t have to worry about asking questions to a pharmacist who might be very pressed for time.


Your primary focus when using Roxithromycin should be whether or not it’s going to cause you serious side effects, is it going to work, and how long will it take to work. As far as side effect chances go, there’s a chance for discomfort because along with killing off bad bacteria the treatment can also kill off some of the good. This means you might temporarily become more vulnerable to other problems.


Duration of use is important, because if it is possible at all you want to be able to avoid using antibiotics for a long time. In fact, it might be a good idea to ask whether or not you can delay using it for a few days before getting prescribed it. The little extra time might be what you need, but in some cases an infection can already by past a certain point to let the immune system do the work.


Don’t worry about an antibiotic not being prescribed to you that you feel might be better than Roxithromycin. Trust in what your doctor decides and follow directions carefully


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