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Generic Name: finasteride (fih NAH steh ride)


Brand Names: Propecia, Proscar


Dosage: 1mg, 5mg


Where to buy Propecia online?

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What Is This Treatment And What Can It Do In Order To Help Your Condition Improve?


Propecia is a medication that’s able to effectively stop the conversion process of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT) within the body. The main use of Propecia is to help treat male pattern hair loss that happens on the vertex and the anterior mid-scalp portion of the head.


The condition of male pattern hair loss is a frequent condition where men start to experience their hair thinning on their scalp. The end result of this is a receding hairline and/or balding at the top near the back of the head. Propecia is designed to be used by men and shouldn’t be used by either women or children. There are other uses for this medicational treatment not mentioned here. These uses are best left to the discretion of a doctor.


What are some of the potential common side effects a person might be at risk for if they decide to use Propecia?


 Impotence, loss of interest in sex, or trouble having an orgasm


 Abnormal ejaculation


 Swelling in your hands or feet


 Swelling or tenderness in your breasts


 Dizziness, weakness


 Feeling like you might pass out




 Runny nose


 Skin rash


What particular long term benefits will a user get from using this medicational treatment for their condition?


Men who decide to make use of this medicational treatment will find that it offers various long term benefits. This is as long as men make sure to be consistent with the use of it and use it according to doctor’s directions. Here’s a few of the long term benefits.


Men will start to experience having thicker hair again that’s going to help conceal the bald spots or spot on their scalp


Bald spots can make a man feel self-conscious and even take measures to try to conceal it, unsuccessfully. With the consistent use of Propecia with time hair can grow back in these areas and the hair on the scalp overall can become thicker. This will lead to tougher and stronger hair.


Men will experience superior confidence they might struggle with now because of thinning or bald spots


When a man starts to lose his hair or get a bald spot, then it can be hard to feel the same level of confidence he used to before this started to happen. This low confidence can spill over into other areas of a man’s life. This should be avoided. Propecia can help by helping to restore hair growth and as a result restore confidence.


You won’t have to worry about cutting off all of your hair and being completely bald in order to conceal balding problems


Balding problems can be embarrassing to the point of a man deciding it would be best to just cut off all of their hair and be completely bald. It’s a form of acceptance rather than fighting against the problem. This doesn’t have to be the case. With use of Propecia a man can stop the balding process, save their hair and not have to worry about getting rid of all of their hair. In fact with time a man’s hair can look even better than it did before sustained use of the drug.


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