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What Is This Treatment And What Can It Do In Order To Improve Your Condition?


Probolan is the brand name for the drug Probenacid, which is a form of uric acid reducer that’s used in order to treat different medical problems such as gout.


How does Probolan work?


Probolan is a drug that’s under the category of a uricosuric agent. It’s designed to inhibit kidney function for the purpose of limiting the creation of uric acid within the urine. It can also be used to lower the creation of uric acid by the kidneys and can lower the reabsorption rate of the acid back into the urine.


What are the specific uses for this drug?


Probolan can be used in order to offer treatment or condition such as chronic gout as well as arthritis with gout. These are each conditions that are brought on because there is usually way too much uric acid inside the blood.  Understand that you aren’t going to cure these conditions by using Probolan. The purpose is to prevent the occurrence of gout attacks with sustained use. Gout attacks won’t happen only as long as someone is making use of the treatment. This drug can also be prescribed by a doctor to help with other conditions linked to there being too much uric acid inside the blood.


Additional uses for this medication


Probolan can be used in some instances in order to help heighten the concentration of specific antibiotics inside the body in order to increase how well they work.


What type of dosage can you expect to get if a doctor does decide to prescribe this drug to you?


The amount of dosage you’ll get is going to be dependent on exactly what the condition is you’re being treated for. Depending on the condition and how serious it is, then you’ll be prescribed this the appropriate amount in order to maximize effectiveness while keeping risk low.


The drug is usually consumed each day about twice orally. It might also be helpful to take this with the right foods, because in some cases it can cause an upset stomach.


What are some of the potential side effects you put yourself at risk for if you decide to use this medicational treatment?



 Loss of appetite




 Sore gums

 Frequent urination


How does a doctor know if this drug is going to work well for you over other options you might have?


A doctor will have an idea of what types of medications will work well for your condition and which ones will come with the least amount of risk as far as side effects go. If you feel this treatment can work for you, but your doctor doesn’t want to prescribe, then be sure to ask them why. In many cases they simply don’t trust giving out the drug because it isn’t something they have a lot of experience prescribing.


Probolan works well though when it is used properly, but in order to be sure it’s working for you the way it’s supposed to it’s going to be important to stay in touch with a doctor in the beginning stages of use especially.


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