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Generic Name: oxybutynin (transdermal) (OX i BUE ti nin)


Brand Names: Oxytrol, Oxytrol for Women


Dosage: 2.5mg, 5mg


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What This Medication Is And How It’s Designed To Help Treat Your Health Problem


Oxytrol is an over the counter treatment designed for women who need relief day and night from serious symptoms of a condition called OAB. The fact that it’s an over the counter treatment means that women won’t have to have a prescription from a doctor in order to access it. Every Oxytrol patch is able to last for a period of up to 4 days.


Understand that this treatment isn’t a cure for the condition of OAB. There isn’t a cure for the condition. However, there are plenty of treatments on the market that can help provide management for the symptoms. Oxytrol for women is special because it’s one of the only treatments you can get access to over the counter for women who have overactive bladder problems.


What are some of the serious benefits to using this treatment?


Oxytrol is an effective over the counter treatment, but it can be even more effective when it’s used in conjunction with different, daily lifestyle changes. Some of these changes might include timed urination, pelvic floor exercises as well as the management of fluid.


Oxytrol for women is designed to last for a long time. This means it’s going to provide relief that’s going to be consistent for at least 4 days and night if there is only a single patch used. With such a long period of effectiveness, these patches are very convenient and easy to wear and won’t cause trouble for daily activities.


Oxytrol is able to deliver medication by means of the skin. The active ingredient in the treatment is Oxybutynin. It doesn’t pass through the digestive tract or the liver in order to get to the blood stream. This means it comes with less of a risk of serious side effect problems.


What are some of the possible side effects a person might be at risk for if they decide to make use of this treatment?


Seeing as how this is an over the counter treatment, this means the chances for side effects is really low. Oxytrol comes with instructions for use that are very easy to understand and as long as they are followed women should feel safe about using the treatment. However, even with over the counter options there are still some possible risks involved:


 Dry mouth and constipation


 Itching, rash or redness where the patch was placed


Even though this is an over the counter treatment, it would still be a good idea to speak with a doctor first about using it. The reason why is because you never know how you might react to it. There’s also a chance that if you are using prescription medications there could still be other problems. Checking with a doctor first is the best way to ensure you don’t put yourself at any extra risk while using Oxytrol. In most cases there is no reason why a doctor would tell you that you can’t use this treatment in order to get relief for your OAB symptoms.


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