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Generic Name: Tamoxifen Tablets (ta MOX i fen)


Brand Names: Nolvadex


Dosage: 10mg, 20mg


Where to buy Nolvadex online?

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Nolvadex is what’s called a selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM) with the main active ingredient in it being Tamoxifen. Its original purpose was to give a morning after effect, but not it’s used in order to help treat women suffering from breast cancer.


What are some of the possible side effects that come with using Nolvadex and are the risks the same for every woman?


There are side effect risks that come with using this medication; some of them are minor while other are more serious. Serious side effects are those that happen rarely and usually only happen when the drug is misused or there’s some sort of negative interaction with another medication.


The more common side effects are those that have a higher chance of happening, but that’s because the body is still taking some time to get accustomed to having the drug in the system. Once this happens then minor side effects should subside. All medication carry the risk of side effects, but some users will indeed be at a higher risk for problems than others.


Overall the probability of experiencing any side effects while using Nolvadex is low, as long as it’s used according to doctors instructions. You will need to make sure you let a doctor know if there are any medications you are using, because these could be problematic potentially.


If there are other medications you are using that are problematic, then a doctor will work out what has to be done in order to make it safer for you to use Nolvadex. In some cases other options will have to be considered either in terms of Nolvadex or the specific other medication you are using.


What are some of the requirements you need to meet in order for a doctor to know that this medication is right for you?


The main thing a doctor will want to know before they prescribe you this treatment would be if you’ve used something similar to it in the past. The reason why this is important is because if you have used something similar in the past, then it’s going to be important to know how you responded to it.


If you didn’t respond well, then a doctor will want to know what the reasons were. In some cases measures can be taken in order to correct these issues. If you responded well then it will be a good risk for you to use Nolvadex. The second main thing a doctor will want to look at is if your condition warrants the use of this drug. In some cases there might be other options that either aren’t as expensive or aren’t as risky overall for you to use.


Assuming that it was determined that you would be a good fit for this medication, then all you would need is the correct dosage amount. You’d follow the dosage requirements as told and from time to time have to inform a doctor about how you are responding to the treatment.


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