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Brand Names: Nizagara


Dosage: 25mg, 50mg, 100mg


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Nizagara is a generic form of ED medication that’s very similar to the popular drug called Viagra. It can help men who suffer from ED to restore their sex lives with consistent use. The main ingredient in Nizadara is Sildenafil Citrate, which is the main active ingredient inside of Viagra. The main difference between the two medications though is Nizagara is less expensive, which means more men should be able to afford it on a consistent basis.


How well does this medication work for the man who might just suffer from performance anxiety? Is this going to play a role in any way?


If you suffer from performance anxiety, then the main reason for this is because you doubt your ability to keep it up long enough to satisfy your partner. The sense of anxiety you can feel in this case is going to be really strong and it can dominate you mentally. In this case being able to get past such feelings in order to focus on the sexual act becomes really hard.


Nizagara can help with performance anxiety by taking a lot of the pressure off of you. If there is a psychological or physical reason why you have ED, then by being able to get past it with this drug you’ll feel less anxious about sexual activity.


Does this medication help in terms of recovery time, meaning if you ejaculate will it help you to remain erect?


Ejaculation problems are very common with men who might suffer from ED. If you want to be able to recover fast, then you need something that ensures blood flow to your penis is as good as it needs to be. If you already struggle to get and maintain an erection, then the last thing you want is struggle with recovery time during the times when you are able to have sex. Nizagara helps with recovery time by default.


You’ll be able to keep an erection way longer than what you would if you were to ejaculate without having it in your system. This works well for men who might suffer from premature ejaculation problems.


Does this medication help as far as sexual enjoyment is concerned, meaning does it help to make the sensations feel better to you if they didn’t already?


In order for you to experience the full sensations of sexual stimulation, then you must make sure you are able to have a nice, firm erection. If you can’t maintain a nice, firm erection than not only will sexual stimulation not feel as good, but your orgasm won’t be as good as it can be. So yes, this medication is able to increase sexual enjoyment, because it can increase the intensity of your orgasms.


Not only this, but you’ll be able to satisfy your partner better, which will give you a much better sense of psychological satisfaction as a result. This is one of the main benefits of using this drug, that and being able to go multiple sessions.


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