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Brand Names: Nicotinell


Dosage: 17.5mg, 35mg, 52.5mg


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What This Treatment Is And How It’s Designed To Help Your Condition Improve


If you suffer from smoking then you know how hard it can be to give it up. Giving up smoking is tough because people usually struggle with one of the following:


 Smoking gives them a sense of calmness that they’ve come to rely on. This can be a person who has smoked for several years and because of this they can’t imagine not smoking whenever they get nervous or anxious.


 The cravings become too much to bare. This happens when a person tries to give up smoking, but the cravings are so strong eventually a person gives into them. When they do give in they tend to make up for lost time on top of it.


 Smoking can sometimes be a social thing for some people. This means that when they are around people they are more likely to smoke in order to fit in or simply because it makes them feel more comfortable to do so.


Quitting smoking is tough to do, but a lot of people want to do it because they know that not doing it comes with the risk of cancer and other health problems. Nicontinell is a treatment that’s designed to help people get over their smoking problems. Nicontinell works as a form of nicotine replacement. This means that when you start to have cravings for nicotine (the main ingredient in cigarettes) you’ll be able to feed that craving without actually smoking.


After you’re able to do this on a consistent basis, your need for nicotine will become less and less. This means less smoking and less use of Nicontinell. Try to quit smoking without a nicotine replacement treatment such as Nicontinell comes with the risk of withdrawal symptoms that can be unpleasant. And this is one of the main things that lead people to start smoking again.


Are there different strengths of this treatment available or does it all work the same?


Some people are going to have smoking habits that are really strong. Because of this there are different strengths of the treatment available. A doctor can help decide which strength would be right for you. No matter what strength you are given the main goal is going to be stopping use after a while. Usually it shouldn’t take more than three months for most people.


What’s the main thing it’s going to be important for you to do while on this treatment that will contribute to your success with it?


The goal of using Nicontinell is to help you stop smoking. So you don’t want to use the treatment and then still smoke cigarettes. If you do this is going to make it very tough for it to work for you. Yes, in the beginning you might still smoke. The goal is to smoke less and less and ultimately not at all. It’s going to take consistency and discipline to get the most out of using this nicotine replacement treatment.


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