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Generic Name: ethambutol (eth AM bue tol)


Brand Names: Myambutol


Dosage: 400mg, 600mg, 800mg


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What Is This Medicational Treatment And How Is It Going To Help You Improve?


Anyone who suffers from certain bacterial infections know just how severe they can become and how much discomfort they can experience. In some cases you can just allow your immune system to do the work and help you to improve in a reasonable amount of time. However, the immune system can be easily pushed to its limits with certain infections and have a hard time doing its job well.


This will cause certain bacterial infections a better chance to survive and thrive. Myambutol is a form of antibiotic that’s designed to fight off certain bad bacteria in order to help you get better. It works by making it tough for bacteria to do what’s needed in order to multiply. There are a large number of bacterial infections Myambutol can help to treat, but this doesn’t mean a doctor would decide to give you this over another option they might feel is safer for you.


Is it okay to save some of the antibiotic if you were to get over your bacterial infection problem fairly fast?


The problem some people get into when it comes to using something such as Myambutol is they think it can be used as a form of preventative treatment. The bacterial infection problem they might have had caused them so much discomfort that they want to be more proactive in protecting against it in the future. Using excess antibiotics such as Myambutol certainly wouldn’t be the answer.


You have to understand that these don’t work the same way as taking a multivitamin would or some other supplement. This is a serious antibiotic a doctor would only prescribe to you if you really need it. They’ll give you a course of treatment they feel is going to help you get over your condition in a fair period of time, while keeping your overall risk low. If you’re told you no longer need to use Myambutol, then it would be a good idea for you to just give the remaining prescription back to a doctor.


If you are truly focused on keeping bacterial infection problems at a distance in the future, then you have to focus on preventative means. This means avoiding certain things you might have done that exposed you in the first place. It can mean doing something as simple as making sure to keep your immune system strong by eating the right foods and staying away from high risk areas.


Are there any side effects that come with using Myambutol?


There is a chance of side effects, but there’s a chance of side effects when it comes to you using any sort of medicational treatment. The best thing you can do is ask a doctor to explain to you the best ways to keep your chances down. In many cases this is as simple as making sure you never deviate away from the directions. You also have to make sure you know the right time to use this treatment if you’ll be using it while on other medications.


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