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Generic Name: rizatriptan (RYE za TRIP tan)


Brand Names: Maxalt, Maxalt-MLT


Dosage: 10mg


Where to buy Maxalt online?

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What Is This Treatment And How Is It Going To Work In Order To Treat Your Condition?


Maxalt is a prescription medication used in order to provide relief for migraine headaches. Migraines are thought to be caused due to swelling blood vessels within the brain as well as the releasing of chemicals that cause head pain and other symptoms of migraine headache. Maxalt belongs to a group of drugs called triptans. The drug is believed to provide relief due to narrowing the blood vessels and lowering the pain inducing substances.


How well does this drug work in order to provide treatment for migraine headaches and how fast does it work?


When you use Maxalt you can be sure it’s going to provide some form of relief, but it isn’t going to completely get rid of all the problems a migraine headache might cause. Some users experience very fast relief from the discomfort of a migraine headache, but for others it might take up to a few hours in order to get relief. Only in rare instances does a user experience complete relief from all symptoms.


What are some of the potential side effects that come with using this medicational treatment that users need to know about?


 Chest pain

 Tightness or pressure








Is there any type of person who shouldn’t be using this medication because of an increased chance of problems?


If you are a women who is pregnant, than you shouldn’t use this drug because it can increase the risk of side effects. If you are a women who wants to breastfeed use of Maxalt should be avoided as well.  People who suffer from hemiplegic migraine or basilar migraine. If you suffer from some form of heart disease, high blood pressure that isn’t controlled or circulation problems you shouldn’t use this drug. People who have suffered from a stroke or serious smokers shouldn’t take this drug.


People also need to make sure they don’t take this drug within a period of 24 hours of using another drug in the same class (triptan) or using an ergotamine-containing or ergot-type treatment.


What is the best way to use Maxalt in order to ensure the risk of any serious problems are kept to a minimum?


The first thing you need to focus on is proper storage of the medication. Storage is important because if you don’t store the drug right than its quality can become compromised. Store in an area away from high heat or moisture. Make sure you keep it out of the reach of kids or pets as well. Next make sure you follow any and all directions a doctor gives you. If they don’t give you specific directions, then you can just follow what comes with the drug for guidance.


Don’t take more or less of the drug than you need to as this can cause serious problems or make your condition worse. Let a doctor know how the drug is working for you regularly as you feel is required or as directed.


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