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Malegra DXT

Generic Name: Malegra DXT


Brand Names: –


Dosage: 130mg


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What Is This Treatment And What Is It Designed To Do In Order To Help Your Problem?


Malegra DXT is an effective medication that’s used in order to help manage two specific sexual problems with men. The first one would be erectile dysfunction and the second one would be premature ejaculation. Both of these can be very problematic and make it very tough for a man to enjoy a healthy sex life. If these sorts of problems aren’t treated, then it can lead to relationship issues. Malegra DXT contains two active ingredients in order to enable it to provide help in these two areas. These would be Sildenafil Citrate and Dapoxetine.


Malegra DXT is a generic form of the drug Viagra and Priligy. But this doesn’t mean you have to worry that it’s not going to be as effective. What makes using this treatment so beneficial is that men who need help for ED and PE won’t have to worry about using two different medications. Having to use two different medications, even in generic form, would cost more money. Two different medications would also increase the chances of experiencing side effects. By combining the two active ingredients men can get the help they need with just one simple pill.


Properly used Malegra DXT can improve the quality of a man’s erections and help him to maintain it for longer. It can also help a man to last as long as he needs to in order to properly satisfy his partner.


How soon should a man take this medication if he wants to get the help he needs before sexual activity?


In order for this drug to work properly for you, then you will want to take it about an hour before you knew you were going to engage in sexual activity. You only need to take one of these pills every 24 hours, but only when you knew you were going to have sex.


What should you avoid when you are using this treatment?


There are certain side effects that come with the use of this medication. Some of these side effects have a higher chance of happening depending on the type of activities you engage in. for instance dizziness can be a serious problem with this drug. This is even more the case if a man decides to take part in outdoor activities when the weather is hot. Sustained time outside in hot weather can cause dizziness.


Eating certain foods such as grapefruits can cause issues as well. Grapefruit or grapefruit juice doesn’t interact well with Malegra DXT. If you consume grapefruit or its juice then you can experience side effects as a result.


What are some of the potential side effects a man might be at risk for if he decides to use this medicational treatment?




 Blurry vision


 Nasal congestion


 Swelling of face

 Prolonged erection


As long as this treatment is taken according to doctor instructions or the directions for use that come with the drug are followed, then men can successfully avoid any side effects with its use.


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