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Generic Name: digoxin (oral) (di JOX in)


Brand Names: Lanoxin, Lanoxicaps, Cardoxin, Digitek


Dosage: 0.25mg


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What Is This Medicational Treatment And How Is It Going To Help Your Medical Condition?


The main active ingredient inside of Lanoxin is Digoxin. It comes from a special plant called the digitalis. Lanoxin is able to help the heart to beat stronger than what it might be now and it also helps it to have a better rhythm. The primary use of this drug is to help people who are suffering from heart failure problems, but it does have other uses. It can be used to help treat atrial fibrillation, which is a heart rhythm condition of the artria.


Is there any type of person who shouldn’t use this medication or where using the medication would pose an especially high risk?


If you are a person who is allergic to Digoxin (the main active ingredient) then you shouldn’t use this drug. There are other options out there you would be able to use where there wouldn’t be any risk due to allergies. If you have a ventricular fibrillation you shouldn’t use this drug either.


Women who are pregnant or expecting to be pregnant soon need to be extra careful when it comes to the use of this drug. The drug isn’t really known to cause problems for unborn babies, but special care still needs to be taken. A doctor would evaluate you to determine exactly what your risk was or if you were at any additional risk.


Women who are nursing need to be careful with the use of Lanoxin, because the drug can be passed through breast milk and can harm a nursing baby. Let your doctor know if you’re breast feeding.


What’s the best way you should take this drug in order to ensure you get the best benefit from it and you keep side effect possibilities down?


You’ll want to make sure you ask a doctor any questions you had concerning use well before you started using it. Ask are there any unique directions you need to follow either because you are using other medications or have some other unique circumstance. If there are no personal directions you need to follow, then you can just follow what’s on the package to guide you. Be sure not to take more of the drug or less of it than what’s recommended.


Is there any particular time of the day where it’s best to take this medication?


You will want to make sure you take Lanoxin at the same time each day; because this gives you the best chance to develop a consistent routine. It also helps to make sure you don’t miss a dose. If you’re using other medications it’s easier to keep track as well so you don’t take it too close to when it’s time to use them.


What are some of the potential common side effects you put yourself at risk for when you decide to use this medicational treatment?


 Nausea, diarrhea

 Feeling weak or dizzy

 Headache, weakness, anxiety, depression

 Enlarged breasts in men

 Mild skin rash


What are some of the more serious potential side effects you put yourself at risk for when you use this medicational treatment?


 Nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite

 Fast, slow, or uneven heart rate

 Bloody or black, tarry stools

 Blurred vision, yellowed vision

 Confusion, hallucinations, unusual thoughts or behavior


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