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Generic Name: cephalexin (sef a LEX in)


Brand Names: Keflex, Panixine, Biocef, Zartan


Dosage: 250mg, 500mg, 750mg


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What Is This Medicational Treatment And What Is It Designed To Do For You?


The generic term for Keflex is (cephalexin). It’s a form of cephalosporin antibiotic. It works by attacking bacteria in the body. Keflex is made use of in order to treat different infections caused because of bacteria. These would include upper respiratory infections, ear infections, skin infections, and urinary tract infections. There are also some uses for this treatment not mentioned here, but would be decided by a doctor.


Is there any way that you can avoid the use of antibiotics such as Keflex when you have a bacterial infection?


There’s always the chance that you can avoid the use of an antibiotic. The question is whether or not your condition is severe enough in order to make not using an antibiotic a bad choice. If your condition is serious enough, then it’s unlikely that your immune system will be able to effectively fight off an infection. It will become quickly taxed. Keflex can help in this case. So even though in some cases you could avoid using an antibiotic, it can’t be avoided in all situations.


However, simply because you use a treatment such as Keflex doesn’t mean you have to let it do all the work on its own. There are things you can do in order to help it to work better. The best thing you can do is make sure you take proper care of your body. The best way to do this would be by drinking lots of water as well as consuming some fermented milk products such as sour milk, yoghurt or quark. The reason why these are so powerful is because they have contained within them some good bacteria that would help your stomach.


This is also important because when you use certain antibiotics they tend to kill some of the good bacteria your body needs. And this is what can bring about unwanted side effects. So by doing what was just mentioned here it can go a long way.


When your doctor prescribed this treatment to you there are some questions they’ll ask in order to make sure you aren’t doing anything that’s going to hinder the effectiveness of this antibiotic. The main thing is going to be figuring out what if anything you did in order to bring about a certain bacterial infection in the first place.


Once it can be determined what you  might have done in order to get a certain bacterial infection, then you’ll be given directions on how to protect yourself better so that you don’t get the same infection again. Prevention is always best, even though it’s not always possible. Using a treatment such as Keflex will help the person who doesn’t have resistance (due to using such treatment in the past) and has a condition best suited for its use. If you are allergic though, then you won’t be able to use it and will be given other options for your own safety.


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