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Brand Names: Himcolin


Dosage: 30gm


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Himcolin is a treatment for a man that has the ability to bring about vasolidation of the penile tissue and because of this it can help with problems such as erectile dysfunction. In addition to this men will find that Himcolin has contained within it soothing as well as moisturizing properties.


Are there any side effects that come with using this treatment to help with erectile dysfunction problems?


As long as men make sure to take this treatment as directed on the prescription then the chance for side effects is very low. There aren’t any known side effects for the most part, besides from the initial headache problems or stomach ache problems some men might experience when adjusting to using it.


Will Himcolin help to treat an erectile dysfunction problem that’s not constant but seems to come and go?


Himcolin can indeed help with an erectile dysfunction problem that’s not constant, but comes and goes. The main two things it can attack are as follows:


First is the problem of inconsistency with men who have the above problem. If you can get erections at certain times, but struggle at other times then you have no real consistency. You can’t expect to engage in sexual activity when the mood comes over you or your spouse wants it, because you don’t know if your problem will decide to come on at that moment.


By means of using this treatment you can be more consistent with getting and sustaining erections. This means not having to hope you’re penis will cooperate, but knowing it will. This will lead to more enjoyable sexual experiences.


The second issue that this treatment can attack would be the issue of only being able to get semi-erect. Semi-erections can be almost as frustrating as not being able to get an erection at all. The reason why is because no matter how hard you try, meaning  no matter how hard your spouse tries to stimulate you, you’ll struggle to get past that point.


Now some men will try to work with this, but the quality of the sexual experience will suffer as a result of only being able to get a semi-erect penis. You need to have a fully erect penis in order to feel truly confident in your ability to please your spouse. That’s what Himcolin can do for you. It can get you past the semi-erect point.


Himcolin isn’t for every man. There might be other options out there that can treat your condition, but this one is known to be effective and what’s better is it doesn’t put you at risk for any serious side effects. This one benefit alone is a good reason to choose it over others. There’s no point in taking treatment for ED if you find that the side effects make it not worth taking, even if it works. With Himcolin you don’t have to worry about such problems. You can get help for you ED and restore what might be a suffering sex life.


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