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Generic Name: alendronate (a LEN dro nate)


Brand Names: Binosto, Fosamax


Dosage: 35mg, 70mg


Where to buy Fosamax online?

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The generic name for the prescription medication Fosamax is (alendronate). It’s a part of a group of medications known as bisphosphonates (bis FOS fo nayts). The way it works is it’s able to change the cycle of bone formation as well as breakdown within the body. Fosamax is able to reduce bone loss and at the same time increase the level of bone mass. This is very useful when it comes to stopping bone fractures.


Fosamax is typically used with women in order to treat or stop osteoporosis that is brought on due to menopause. It can also be used with men and women to deal with osteoporosis brought on due to taking steroids. In addition to this the medication can be used to help treat a condition called Paget’s disease of the bone with women and men.


What are some of the more common potential side effects a person might be at risk for if they have to use this medicational treatment?


 Heartburn, upset stomach

 Stomach pain, nausea

 Diarrhea, constipation

 Bone pain, muscle or joint pain


Is there any type of person who shouldn’t be using this medication because it puts them at an increased risk of problems?


Anyone who has low levels of calcium in their blood shouldn’t be using Fosamax. This is a condition known as (hypocalcemia). Also if you have a problem with moving muscles within the esophagus. After taking this drug it’s going to be important that you are able to sit upright or stand for a period of at least 30 minutes. If you feel you wouldn’t be able to do neither of these things, then you shouldn’t be using the medication.


What should you speak with a doctor about in advance of using this medication?


There are going to be certain risks that come with using this drug and certain benefits. The problem is that sometimes the risks can outweigh the benefits. Speak with a doctor in order to get an understanding of what the risks might be to you and whether the benefits are worth it.


Women who are pregnant need to be careful as well, even though it’s not completely known if the drug will cause problems for an unborn child. Let a doctor know if you are pregnant or plan on becoming pregnant while on it. There’s a chance the drug can pass through breast milk and cause problems for a nursing baby. Don’t breastfeed while using this drug until you inform a doctor and they can run the proper tests.


How is this medication usually taken each day?


Most of the time you’ll be taking Fosamax once per day or maybe just one every week. It’s best for you to take the drug as soon as you can in the morning. Make sure it’s about 30 minutes before you eat or drink anything or use other prescriptions. If you have to use this drug only once per week, then be sure to use it at the same time each day. The only way you would want to do it a different way is if a doctor tells you to.


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