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Brand Names: Fincar


Dosage: 5mg


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What Is This Medicational Treatment And What Is It Going To Do For Your Condition?


Fincar is a form of medicational treatment that’s designed in order to help treat men who have male pattern baldness problems. The purpose of this drug isn’t to offer a complete cure for the condition, but to help slow down the process and stimulate the growth of new hair. Stopping hair loss is important in men who want to look younger and feel more confident. Fincar is a variation of the drug finasteride, which is well known in western parts of the world as Propecia. Fincar is a less expensive version and it works just as well as drugs like Propecia.


How does Fincar work in order to provide the benefits that it does?


Fincar is a form of type II 5-alpha reductase inhibitor medication. This means it’s able to offer benefits by means of stopping the 5-alpha reductase from being able to do what it does. This particular enzyme is important when it comes to testosterone being changes into dihydrotestosterone, which leads to all types of effects in men and can cause them to lose their hair. When this enzyme is inhibited, this conversion doesn’t happen. This leads to hair follicles being able to work the way they need to without any issues.


How is this medication usually taken each day in order to ensure problems are kept to a minimum?


Fincar typically is going to be taken about one time each day. You’ll usually be given a dosage of 5mg. If a doctor tells you something different then be sure to follow what they tell you. It’s best to take this drug with a small glass of water. From time to time you’ll need go into the doctor and let them review how you’re doing on the drug. If all is going well then there’s no need to make any changes.


What do you do if you miss a dose of this medication?


If for some reason you miss a dose of Fincar, then it’s best for you to take the missed dose as soon as you remember. If it too close to your next dose, then it’s safer to just skip the missed dose and just keep with your regular schedule. Make sure you never double up on doses.


How can you be sure that use of this drug is going to be effective for you if you use it?


Hair loss is a serious problem and when it comes to certain men they might have a problem that’s more serious than others. Fincar can be a good solution no matter the severity of the problem. It can at least slow down the process. Yes, there are other treatments on the market, but these aren’t pharmaceutical grade. Fincar is tested and proven. It’s also trusted. Men who use it can be sure that with consistency they will see help for their hair loss problem.


What are some of the possible side effects you might be at risk for if you decide to use this medicational treatment?



 Runny nose

 Fainting feeling

 Skin rash



 Swelling and tenderness in the breasts

 Abnormal ejaculations

 Loss of sex drive

 Swelling in feet and hands

 Difficulties reaching an orgasm


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