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Brand Names: Finax


Dosage: 1mg


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What Is This Treatment And What Is It Designed To Do In Order To Help Your Condition?


Finax is a medicational treatment that’s used in order to help treat hair loss in men, which would include the condition of male pattern baldness (androgenic alopecia). The main ingredient inside of this drug is finasteride, which is able to effectively stop testosterone from being changed into dihydrostesterone. When this happens it stops baldness and is able to reverse the problems of alopecia.


Finax serves as a form of reductase inhibitor, but only goes after type II 5-alpha reductase that’s frequently found within male reproductive organs.


How long should this medication be used in order to treat male baldness problems?


Doctors will usually test out men on this drug for a while in order to see how they respond to it initially. If they respond the right way then they will keep on using the drug so they can experience the full benefits of it. Finax is meant to be used on a long term basis. The reason for this is because even if a man experiences benefits from using it, the hormone dihydrotestosterone can start reproducing if use is stopped. This would cause hair loss problems again.


Are there any other uses for Finax other than its ability to help treat hair loss in men?


Finax can be used in order to help reduce the appearance of acne by means of treating skin that’s really oily. It can also help to treat specific prostate problems. In addition to this, the drug also serves as a form of masking agent for men who might be trying to hide the fact that their using steroids. Finax is designed to be used by men and not women, because with women there’s a high risk of it causing problems for them if they are pregnant or hoping to be.


What’s the best way to go about taking this drug in order to ensure that you can avoid problems?


Finax can be taken orally either with food or without it. It’s best that a person start on a minimal dosage (1 mg) each day. Take it with a small glass of water (a few ounces). Men will need to use this treatment for a period of at least three months or longer before they can start to see the full results from it.


Even once men start seeing improvement because of the drug’s use, they will still need to keep using the drug. If use is stopped then baldness problems can come back in 6 to 12 months.


What are some of the potential side effects a man can experience if he decides to make use of this medicational treatment?


 Lower volume of semen

 Skin rash and gynecomastia

 Breast enlargement


Hair loss is a serious problem for a lot of men, especially those who might have a genetically higher risk of having the problem. Finax is an effective solution, but this doesn’t mean it will work or every man that uses it. Caution will need to be taken and you’ll have to monitor your condition in order to make sure the drug is working for you properly.


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