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Generic Name: famciclovir (fam SYE klo veer)


Brand Names: Famvir


Dosage: 250mg


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What Is This Medicational Treatment And How Can It Help Your Particular Condition?


Famvir is the name brand for a medication called Famciclovir. It’s a form of antiviral medication. The reason why people need medications such as Famvir is when they suffer from different viral infections, usually a specific one. Viral infections can become very serious if left untreated and in many cases if not properly controlled they can affect the quality of a person’s life.


Famvir is designed to help people who have the herpes virus. Herpes is a very serious disease that can cause discomfort in different ways and make it tough for them to function the right way throughout the day. The goal is to keep the severity of the condition under control so that the virus doesn’t cause serious problems. That’s what Famvir is designed to do, but only if it’s used the right way.


Is Famvir the only medication out there that can help a person with herpes? No it isn’t, but it is one of the better known options out there and one that doctors feel confident about prescribing. In order to make sure it works for you properly though a doctor will probably want to monitor you on it for a while. The purpose of this is to see how you respond and if changes need to be made in order to get better results.


How exactly does Famvir help to keep the herpes virus under control in a person?


You can have herpes and still live a regular life without having the disease become debilitating for you. In order for you to do this though you have to make sure you use medication that’s going to attack the primary strength of the virus. Herpes is able to grow and spread very fast. When this happens it leads to consistent outbreaks and ones that are very severe. It also becomes tougher for your immune system to fight the disease and it becomes overtaxed. This is going to make you more vulnerable to other types of diseases and infections.


Famvir is able to effectively slow down the growth and spread of herpes. As a result it will make it easier for your immune system to fight off the problem. Understand that this medication isn’t going to actually cure the condition of herpes though. Once you have herpes it’s a long term condition you have to continue taking medication for. All this treatment is designed to do is lower the symptoms as well as the severity of them so you can live a normal life.


The infections that Famvir can treat would include infections brought on by the herpes virus. These would include genital herpes, cold sores as well as shingles. There are also other uses for this medication, but it might not work as well for anything outside of treating the herpes virus. If a doctor decided it would help you in some other way, then be sure to question them on why they feel this is just so that you can feel better about using the treatment.


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