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Generic Name: raloxifene (oral) (ra LOX i feen)


Brand Names: Evista


Dosage: 60mg


Where to buy Evista online?

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The generic name for the prescription medication Evista is (raloxifene). When used properly it’s able to have an effect on the cycle of bone formation as well as breakdown within the body. It decreases loss of bone tissue as well.


The main use of this medication is to help treat or stop osteoporosis in women that are postmenopausal. In addition to this use it can also be made use of to lower the risk of invasive breast cancer with women who are postmenopausal that have osteoporosis or those at a high risk for invasive breast cancer.


Understand that Evista is a drug that’s designed to treat breast cancer.


What are some of the more common potential side effects a person might be at risk for if they have to use this medicational treatment?


 Hot flashes

 Leg cramps

 Swelling in your hands, feet, or ankles

 Joint pain

 Flu symptoms

 Increased sweating


How is a doctor going to know if this is a medication that will work for you rather than trying out something else?


A doctor has no real way of knowing if you would respond better to a certain type of medication over the other. The main thing they go off of is their professional history of prescribing a medication. So let’s say a doctor has had lots of patients in the past that has similar conditions to you. If they’ve seen that patients respond well to those treatments and side effects experienced where low and minor, then they are likely to feel confident about prescribing it in the future.


The only way they might deviate away from this is when they’ve seen that certain things about a person increase the risk of the drug not working or serious side effects. This could be a person being on different medications, having a certain medical condition or having a bad history with medications in general. As long as this isn’t the case the main goal of prescribing you any medication is to keep you safe. Maximum benefit with minimal risk.


How long will you have to use this treatment in order for it to work for you the right way?


There is no real timeline as to how long you will be using this medication. All of this is based on how well you respond and just how bad you need it. You will have to go in for evaluations to see how you are progressing while on the drug. This is going to be one of the primary focuses. Frequent evaluation’s, questions, and alternations if they are needed in order to ensure you keep getting the help you need at the level you need it.


Is there anything especially important you need to make sure you tell a doctor before using this drug?


The main thing you need to focus on would be other medications you are using. A doctor needs to know all of this if they can’t find it in your medical history. You can also tell you about any other conditions you might have that you haven’t yet gotten treatment for. The reason this is important is because moving forward you might have to use prescriptions that can interact badly with Evista.


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