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Generic Name: flutamide (oral) (FLOO ta mide)


Brand Names: Eulexin


Dosage: 250mg


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What Is This Medicational Treatment And How Is It Going To Help Your Condition?


The generic name for the medication Eulexin is Flutamide. It’s a form of medicational treatment that’s usually used in order to help men with prostate cancer. Eulexin is a part of a group of medications called antiandrogens. These work inside of the body in order to block out specific male hormones that feed the cancer. Antiandrogens can also have an impact on different parts of the body that need hormones in order to work the right way.


Not every person who makes use of this treatment is going to be able to handle it the right way. It’s going to be important that a proper look at your medical history is conducted. This is going to help make sure that you’re a proper fit and that the chances of serious side effects are kept to a minimum. Any user that has a serious history of problems such as liver disease, hemoglobin M deficiency, cigarette smoking or even glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency likely won’t be able to use this drug.


There is also a chance that some patience, even though the probability is low, can experience liver damage due to the use of Eulexin. This is even more so the case if the drug is used on a long term basis. For this reason it’s going to be very important that you are under the watch of a doctor while on this medication. Also, if you have had liver problems in the past, then monitoring by a doctor while on this drug is going to be even more important.


Are there any potential side effects that come with the use of Eulexin or is this something that’s rare?


There are a lot of users who do experience side effects while on this treatment, but this doesn’t mean that experiencing side effects is a guarantee. The best way you can keep down the risk of experiencing side effects is to make sure you take the drug exactly as a doctor tells you. Make sure to be consistent with its use in terms of when and how you take it.


Stay away from activities or taking in things that can be problematic, and let a doctor know about any and all other medications you might be on. Different medications you might be on can interact badly with Eulexin so disclosing this information to a doctor is important.


The side effects a person might experience are usually mild in nature and will not require a person to stop using the drug or seek medical help. You would just have to make sure you let a doctor know about them so they can offer assistance. Here’s a list of some of the potential side effects:


 Rectal bleeding

 Rectal swelling or irritation

 Bloody urine

 Engorged breast


 Skin rashes

 Increased sensitivity to sunlight

 Hot flashes

 Lowered sperm count

 Discoloration of the urine

 Impotence, and other forms of sexual dysfunction


Eulexin is effective as long as it’s used the right way. Serious side effects rare, but possible. The best course of action to take while on this medication is to monitor yourself carefully and report anything that doesn’t feel right to a doctor.


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