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Generic Name: dimenhydrinate (dye men HYE dri nate)


Brand Names: Dramamine, Driminate, Triptone


Dosage: 50mg


Where to buy Dramamine online?

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What This Medication Is And What It’s Going To Do In Order To Help Your Condition


The base name for the medication Dramamine is Dimenhydrinate. It’s a form of antihistamine that’s able to lower the impact of specific chemicals in the body, in this case histamine. When used Dramamine is able to help treat or stop nausea, vomiting and dizziness that comes on due to motion sickness. There are other uses for this drug not mentioned here, but these other uses are best left for a doctor to decide.


How should you go about using this medicational treatment in order to ensure you keep your overall risk down?


There are directions that come with the prescription packaging. These directions are meant to be very general and are easy to follow. If you don’t understand them or need help then it’s best to ask a pharmacist for assistance. The reason for this is because a pharmacist will be able to answer your questions faster. A doctor might be harder to get in contact with.


In order to ensure you get the best benefit from this drug, then it’s best for you to take it about 30-60 minutes before you were to travel or anything you might do that can bring on motion sickness.


What’s the protocol if you miss a dose of this medication, is it the same as it would be for a medication that’s needed daily?


Medications that are used daily require you to follow a very strict dosing regimen in order for them to work right for you. Dramamine doesn’t require this though. The reason why is because it’s a drug that you take only when you need to. Because of this you might not be on a regular schedule.


If you are on a schedule though simply take a dose as soon as you realize you missed a dose. If it’s too close to the next time you are supposed to take it then skip the missed dose and just proceed with your regular schedule.


What should you do your best to avoid when using this medicational treatment?


There are certain topical (made for the skin) treatments that you might be using that will contain certain ingredients. These ingredients can be problematic if you use it with Dramamine. Skin treatments that contain a specific antihistamine known as diphenhydramine (recognized as Benadryl) should be avoided.


What are some of the more common potential side effects a person might be at risk for if they use this drug treatment for their condition?




 Dry mouth, nose, or throat




 Blurred vision


 Feeling restless or excited (especially in children)


The above side effects are minimal in terms of how long they might last and if you do happen to experience any of them the intensity of them should be minor. There are other side effects not mentioned here and you should be able to get a complete list of them from the doctor or a pharmacist. As long as you are consistent with the safe use of this drug you shouldn’t experience any problems throughout your course of usage.


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