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Generic Name: cabergoline (ca BER goe leen)


Brand Names: Dostinex


Dosage: 0.25mg, 0.5mg


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The generic name for the prescription medication Dostinex is Cabergoline. The reason why it’s important to understand what the generic name is for a prescription medication such as this is because depending on where you are in the world it might only come in that form. In other places it might be listed under another brand name. The best way to know for sure what you are using in this case is to look at the main active ingredient. As long as it says Cabergoline, then you can be sure you are using the right medication.


Dostinex is a part of a group of medications called prolactin inhibitors. These way Prolactin inhibitors work is they are able to provide treatment for an assortment of different medical conditions that can happen when a the body makes too much of a hormone called prolactin. This is a hormone produced inside of the pituitary gland inside the brain. When the hormone is produced too much it can lead to menstrual problems in women as well as fertility problems with both men and women.


When used the right way Dostinex is able to prevent the brain from creating too much of the hormone and it stops it from being released from the pituitary gland. In addition to these uses this drug can be used in order to stop the onset of regular lactation (milk production) in specific instances where a medical condition required this process to be stopped.


A doctor can decide to prescribe this medication for other reasons not listed here, but these reasons would have to be determined by someone who has a lot of knowledge and experience using it for other purposes. If you aren’t sure why you are being prescribed a certain drug, then be sure to speak with your doctor about it before you start taking it. Make sure that if you do start using Dostinex that you don’t let anyone get access to it and don’t share it. This is even if someone else has similar symptoms as you do. This medication can be dangerous if someone uses it that wasn’t prescribed it.


What are some of the potential common side effects a user might be at risk for if they decide to use this medication for their condition?






 Hot flashes





In order to keep your risk of side effects down it’s going to be important for you to let a doctor know if you use any other medication. In most cases, not all, other medicational use is the reason why side effects are experienced. You may also need to let a doctor know if you use certain over the counter treatments of herbal supplements.


All of these can interfere with the effectiveness of Dostinex. Besides from this be sure to follow the directions given to you when prescribed the drug. If no special directions are given, then you can just follow the instructions that come with the prescription package. This is the best way to ensure you keep yourself safe while on the drug.


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