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Brand Names: Diabecon


Dosage: 60caps


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What Is This Treatment And What Can It Do In Order To Help Your Condition To Improve?


The main benefit of Diabecon is its ability to help to combat diabetes. It contains several antidiabetic elements. It’s able to help lower blood sugar levels that are excessive. In addition to this it can has regenerative effects when it comes to pancreatic beta cells and can be insulinotropic. This means that it’s able to stimulate production and activity of insulin. The active ingredients inside of Diabecon are able to eliminate the taste of sugar and can help to lower a person’s cravings for it. It can heighten the activity of enzymes responsible for the utilization and absorption of glucose.


Two active ingredients in this treatment are Indian Kino Tree’s (Pitasara) and Shilajeet. Indian Kino Tree’s (Pitasara) contains alpha-glucosidase inhibitory properties and is able to regulate metabolic enzymes used in carbohydrate metabolism. Shilajeet is able to lower hepatic glucose production and as a result can stop hyperglycemia. It has a protective element when it comes to B-cells of the pancreas and it can help to stimulate unrestricted endogenous insulin action.


What’s the best way to go about using this treatment in order to ensure you keep the chances of problems down?


Diabecon is a natural supplement. So unlike prescription drugs you don’t really need to speak to a doctor about its use. However, it would still be wise for you to. The reason for this is because you still can’t be sure of how you will respond to this or if you might be allergic. Also, if you are using other medications than you need to be careful. Even though this treatment isn’t known to interact badly with medications, you still want to be safe in this regard.


Are there any known side effects to using Diabecon or is it entirely safe because it’s not a prescription medication?


There aren’t any known side effects, but this doesn’t mean there isn’t any chance of experiencing some form of discomfort while using this treatment. The main thing you might have to worry about is getting an upset stomach or the chances of being allergic to something in the treatment. There’s also a chance for minor headaches when you first start using it. But besides from these minor potential issues there are no real serious side effects you have to worry about that would make taking this treatment too risky for you.


Can you use this treatment in place of other diabetes medications designed to control blood sugar?


No you can’t and you shouldn’t try to. It’s best to use this treatment as a supplement. That’s why in the end it’s going to be a good idea to let a doctor know if you are using it. They might even be able to offer advice on how to make it more effective or how you can use it in conjunction with other treatments. A doctor can be useful when it comes to helping you decide on a good dosage if you aren’t sure.


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