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Generic Name: tolterodine (tol TER oh deen)


Brand Names: Detrol, Detrol LA


Dosage: 1mg, 2mg, 4mg


Where to buy Detrol online?

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What This Medication Is And How It’s Going To Help Your Medical Condition


The generic name for the prescription medication Detrol is (tolterodine). It’s a medication that’s made to help reduce spasms within the bladder muscles. Detrol is used in order to help treat people with overactive bladder problems and the symptoms. These symptoms might include urinary frequency, urgency as well as incontinence. There are other uses for this medication not listed here, but these other uses are best left to the discretion of a medical professional.


Is there anything you shouldn’t do while on this medication that would put you at an especially high risk of problems?


Detrol is an effective medication, but this doesn’t come without some negatives as a result. If you use Detrol be aware that it can cause problems with your thinking or your reactions. Because of this it’s going to be very important for you to be extra careful when you do things such as driving or anything that requires your full attention. Alcohol can also be problematic, because it increases the risk of experiencing side effect this this drug.


What do you need to make sure you let a doctor know before you use this medicational treatment that will help keep you safe?


Don’t assume that a doctor is going to know that you are using other medications before they prescribe you this one. In some cases they just might not have access to this information. So it might be up to you to inform them of any and all medications you are using, because there is the chance of negative interactions with Detrol.


It doesn’t stop with just medications, but also other items you might be using that might seem harmless. These would include over the counter treatments, vitamins and herbal products. Make sure to not begin using a new prescription treatment without letting your primary doctor know.


The best way to keep yourself from getting confused in this case is to just keep a list of all the medications you use. This way if you have to go to your primary doctor you can just show them the list.


Is it possible that using this medication can cause problems for a woman that is expecting to have a baby soon?


It’s not completely known whether or not use of this medication is going to cause problems for an unborn baby. The best way to keep yourself safe would be to let a doctor know if you are pregnant or expecting to be soon while on this drug. Also it’s not known if using this drug is going to affect a women’s breast milk and cause problems for a nursing baby. The best course of action here is to just let a doctor know you plan on breast feeding and they can decide what the risk is to you.


What are some of the more common potential side effects a person might be at risk for if they use this drug treatment for their condition?


 Dry mouth, dry eyes

 Blurred vision

 Dizziness, drowsiness

 Constipation or diarrhea

 Stomach pain or upset

 Joint pain



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