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Generic Name: trazodone (TRAZ-oh-done)


Brand Names: Generic only. No brands available.


Dosage: 100mg


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What Is This Medication And How Can It Help Your Medical Condition To Improve?


Desyrel is a form of phenylpiperazine–triazolopyridine antidepressant. Its purpose is to help treat people who suffer from any number of different mental pain conditions brought on by depression and due to other reasons, such as chemical imbalances in the brain. Here are some examples of the mental pain conditions it helps to treat:


 People who suffer from extreme anxiety-Extreme anxiety isn’t the same as a general anxiety condition. People who have regular anxiety problems can have enough control over themselves in order to not let the condition become overwhelming to the point of being crippling. People who have severe anxiety can be crippled to the point of not being able to go out in public, have a healthy relationship or keep a job. The long range effects can be devastating. Extreme anxiety sufferers usually try to hide from anything that brings about these feelings.


 People who suffer from panic disorder problems-These are people who might feel calm in one instance, but then feel a sense of overwhelming panic in another. The symptoms are what make this condition so tough. These would include heavy sweating, a fast heartbeat, shakiness and trembling, racing thoughts, dizziness, etc. All of these need to be controlled if a person hopes to get over this problem or have an easier time attacking it. This is what Desyrel can help to do for them.


 People who have depression problems-Everyone experience a little depression in their lives, but the condition shouldn’t last too long or become crippling. Depression is so bad because of the thoughts it brings along with it. These would include thoughts of hurting one’s self or doing something else that would cause trouble for them or others. Chronic depression is usually a sign of some kind of chemical imbalance that with the use of the right medication can be treated successfully.


What are some of the benefits of using Desyrel?


 This medication isn’t as addictive or habit forming as some other anti-anxiety medications out there, which means a person will have a greater sense of control while using it.


 Use of this medication doesn’t come with any sort of restrictions on using it long term. The only negative is that over time it can become less effective as a person’s body has a chance to get used to it.


 When used the right way the risk of side effects is really low as compared to use of other medications designed to treat the same problems.


 Medication is useful for people who have insomnia that comes with depression or serious anxiety.


 Medication doesn’t depress respiration, which is very important when it comes to patients who might use it that have sleep apnea.


Desyrel is an effective medication that when used right will work for a patient. The only thing is they have to make sure they monitor their condition while on it in order to give feedback to a doctor just to make sure everything is coming along the way it needs to.


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