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Generic Name: colchicine (KOL chi seen)


Brand Names: Colcrys, Mitigare


Dosage: 0.5mg


Where to buy Colchicine online?

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What Is This Medicational Treatment And What Is It Designed To Do For Your Medical Condition?


Colchicine is a medicational treatment that’s designed to help provide treatment for symptoms of acute attacks or flares of gout which is a condition brought on due to a building up of uric acid within the blood (hyperuricaemia) creating uric acid crystals, which are then deposited within the joints. Colchicine helps to relieve pain as well, even though they aren’t analgesics and they can lower the incidence of recurrent acute gout attacks.


Colchicine isn’t designed to stop the progression of acute gout to chronic gouty arthritis, which is a condition that takes place when uric acid crystals deposited inside the joints bring about pain and swelling along with limited joint mobility.


How does a doctor know whether or not Colchicine is going to work the right way for you or not?


In order for a doctor to have a good idea about whether this drug can work for you or not they’ll need to know a few things about you in order to better help serve you?


 Whether or not you’ve used this medicational treatment in the past. If you’ve used Colchicine in the past, then a doctor will want to know how you responded to it. How long did you use it in order to get help for your condition? What type of problems did you experience while on it if any and when did you stop using it? If there were no serious issues with previous use of this drug, then there’s no reason for a doctor to deny prescribing it to you again should you qualify for it.


 Have you used medications similar to Colchicine in the past? You don’t have to have used Colchicine particularly. If you used any drug similar to it then a doctor will want to know the same type of information mentioned in the previous paragraph. This also helps a doctor to offer you something that might be less expensive, but works the same way.


 How serious is your condition? In order for you to use Colchicine, then you must have a condition that’s serious enough to warrant its use. In some cases you might find that you’d be a better fit for something over the counter. A doctor would want to know that you’ve at least used one of those options without success before they give you something stronger such as Colchicine.


What can you do in order to make sure you keep the possibility of side effects to a minimum?


In order to keep side effects to a minimum first you need to understand if there’s any reason that you would be at an extra high risk than someone else. A doctor would help you to understand this. Some reasons you’d be at higher risk could include current health problems, being on other medications or misusing the drug when you do get it. In order to keep down the risk of side effects you simply need to follow the directions for use that a doctor gives you. Sometimes directions will be personalized due to your unique health situation.


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