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Generic Name: clomiphene (KLOE mih feen)


Brand Names: Clomid, Serophene


Dosage: 25mg, 50mg, 100mg


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The generic name for the prescription medication is Clomiphene. The reason why this is important to note is because some people may not recognize it when they see it if they aren’t familiar with the generic name version. Plus in some parts of the world you’ll only see it marketed under the generic name. Clomid is a form of non-steroidal fertility medication. When used it’s able to cause the pituitary gland to let loose hormones required in order to stimulate ovulation. This is when an egg is released from the ovaries.


The main use of Clomid is to help women who have trouble with ovulation due to specific medical conditions that can stop ovulation from happening in a natural way. One of these conditions would be polycystic ovary syndrome. There are other uses for this medication that aren’t mentioned here, but these uses are going to be best left for a doctor to determine.


What specific women would benefit the most from using this medication for their condition?


 Women who are struggling with ovulation due to medical conditions and want effective help


 Women who don’t want to resort to having to use expensive alternatives if their goal is to start a family because such methods might be out of reach


 A woman who wants the lowest cost option in order to help with her fertility problems due to a medical condition with the lowest risk of problems as a result.


 Women who want to have the best chance to ensure they can ovulate without having to resort to using a multitude of different medications, which can be problematic.


What are some of the potential common side effects a user might be at risk for if they use this medicational treatment?


 Flushing (warmth, redness, or tingly feeling)

 Breast pain or tenderness


 Breakthrough bleeding or spotting


How are you going to know as a woman if you have a medical condition that’s going to cause you to have problems with naturally occurring ovulation?


The best way to know if you have a condition that can cause ovulation problems or are even at risk would be to get a checkup from a doctor. He or she would need to run tests in order to make sure you weren’t at risk or didn’t already have a condition that can be problematic.


Understand that this drug isn’t designed to be a fertility drug by itself. It’s meant to help naturally occurring ovulation. If you have ovulation problems stemming from some other source, then you will need to get separate help for this.


It’s going to be very important that you use this medication only for the purpose that it’s intended for. If you don’t then you open yourself up for side effects that can be avoided. Also once you start using Clomid you might have to see a doctor from time to time in order to make sure you’re getting the full effect this drug is designed to give. Some women will experience additional difficulties with ovulation that might require other forms of treatment in order to fully help.


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