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Generic Name: clindamycin (oral/injection) (klin da MYE sin)


Brand Name: Cleocin HCl, Cleocin Pediatric, Cleocin Phosphate


Dosage: 150mg


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What Is This Antibiotic And How Can It Help To Improve Your Condition?


Cleocin used in order to help people deal with serious infections they might have as a result of being infected with specific bacteria. It isn’t a drug that’s used in order to treat meningitis. Cleocin is a form of lincomycin antibiotic. It’s able to successfully kill bacteria that are sensitive by means of preventing the creation of needed proteins they require in order to keep living and multiplying.


If a doctor prescribes you Cleocin for your bacterial infection, then how long can you expect to be using it?


Doctors understand that these days they really have to be careful with how long they want someone using a certain antibiotic. The reason is because they are worried that if you use it too long, then there’s a strong chance you can develop resistance to it and they don’t want this to happen if it can be avoided. So duration of use is going to be important. You need to ask the doctor some questions regarding this in order to make sure you understand why they feel a certain period of usage is needed. Here’s a few to get you started:


 What period of usage is usually required for a bacterial infection I have and is there anything that affects this? Of course the seriousness of the condition is going to play a role as well as if someone used it in the past. If they used it in the past then it might not work as well as it did the first time.


 What if I need to use it for longer than expected? This means you want to know whether or not you’d be given additional medication if your bacterial condition doesn’t improve in the time it was expected to, but it is indeed improving. It just hasn’t completely gone away yet. In many cases a small amount of continued use would be given, but not much more.


 If your condition improves really fast and you can get confirmation of it being completely gone, then would you still keep on using the course of Cleocin you were given? Using the full course is only needed in order to ensure the condition is gone. If you go to a doctor and they confirm it is indeed gone (not just the symptoms have improved) then there would be no need to keep using it.


 What other things might I need to change in order to make sure I don’t have to use the treatment for longer? There might be certain medications you’re taking or certain things you do that interfere with the effectiveness of this drug. You would need to be made aware of this and take precautions if you can. Simply changes would have to be made, but only while on Cleocin.


 Is there anything I can do in order to speed up how fast Cleocin would work for me? Meaning is there a chance my bacterial condition could be improved much faster, therefore lowering the chances I become resistant to the drug? A doctor would likely tell you it’s best to take the right amount of time in order to ensure proper treatment and low risk.


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