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Cleocin Gel

Generic Name: clindamycin (oral/injection) (klin da MYE sin)


Brand Names: Cleocin HCl, Cleocin Pediatric, Cleocin Phosphate


Dosage: 20GM


Where to buy Cleocin Gel online?

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What Is This Treatment And How Is It Going To Help Your Condition To Improve?


Gleocin Gel is an effective form of topical antibiotic that’s designed to kill bacteria and it can interfere with how bacteria grow. When this happens it’s going to decrease the amount of bacteria within the sebaceous glands and as a result block protein synthesis in order to unclog the gland. The end result is the effective treatment of acne.


What are some of the potential side effects a person might be at risk for if they decide to make use of this treatment for their condition?



 Skin dryness or redness

 Stomach upset

 Diarrhea that is sometimes bloody

 Abdominal pain


 Inflammation or infection of the colon

 Rash, itching, skin irritation or swelling

 Contact dermatitis


Some of the side effects mentioned above are minor while others are more serious. The best way for you to protect yourself would be to do the following:


Make sure you use the treatment exactly as a doctor tells you – While this might seem obvious to some the problem is sometimes people can become too comfortable with the use of a treatment. This will lead them to use it wrong, use too little or too much, or forget to use it altogether. The directions provided with the treatment or those a doctor gives you are designed to minimize risk for you. This is why following instructions and staying consistent is so important.


Keep track of any problems that surface and make sure they don’t become worse – If you experience some of the more serious side effects, then you will need to make sure they don’t become worse or this can lead to serious problems. Monitor how you feel and the way you react to Cleocin Gel. Access to a doctor or some other form of medical professional is going to be important in this case.


Don’t try to combine other topical treatments for acne or inflammation – There are instances where someone will try to use another form of topical treatment for their skin condition and this is problematic. Let a doctor know about any and all medications you are using, especially if you are using over the counter topical treatments. You likely will have to stop using those other topical treatments.


Is it possible to use other prescription treatments with Cleocin Gel in order to get a better overall effect?


Cleocin Gel can be used with different prescription medications as well as antibiotics to help with acne, but this will have to be decided by a doctor. A doctor will also have to decide which treatment should be used first and for how long.


How is this medication usually used in order to ensure it provides the best effect?


Cleocin Gel is put on the skin after it’s been cleaned with warm water and light soap. It has to be properly dried as well. You should apply the treatment about 30 minutes after you’ve done this. Be careful not to smoke when you use this medicational treatment.


It can take a period of 2 to 6 weeks before a person sees serious improvement of their condition. In the beginning the most common form of improvement is noticing lesser acne occurrences.


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