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Generic Name: ciprofloxacin (oral) (SIP roe FLOX a sin)


Brand Name: Cipro, Cipro XR, Proquin XR


Dosage: 250mg, 500mg, 750mg, 1000mg


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What Is This Medication And How Can It Help To Improve Your Condition?


Cipro is an antibiotic medication. It’s a special form of it called fluoroquinolone that’s able to effectively fight bacteria in a person’s body. The generic name for it is (ciprofloxacin). It can be used to treat a wide range of different bacterial infections. In addition to this it can be used in order to offer treatment for people who have come into contact with anthrax as well as specific kinds of plague. This category of antibiotics does have the potential to bring about some serious side effects. As a result of this it should only be made use of when your condition can’t be treated using a safer form of antibiotic. Cipro also has other uses not mentioned here that will be determined by a medical professional.


If you use a medication such as Cipro, is there ever a point when you can feel good about stopping use or should you always use the entire course of the medication?


When a doctor decides to prescribe you a medication such as Cipro, they are doing it because they feel it’s going to work for you. The amount they’ll usually prescribe you has been given careful consideration and they’ve decided it’s best for you to make use of that full amount before they reexamine your condition. The problem is some people will decide for whatever reasons to go against a doctor’s orders. And this is where problems can come in.


Some patients will take a medication such as Cipro and experience very fast results with it. Fast results aren’t typical though and shouldn’t be expected. In some cases it can actually take longer that you expect for your condition to be helped or a doctor might have to prescribe you more of the medication before it’s fully helped. However, the people who do experience results fast or before their course of medication is over sometimes decide to stop using it. This is problematic for the following reasons.


You need to be completely healed from your bacterial infection before you stopped using this treatment. And the course of treatment given to you by a doctor is usually going to be enough to ensure that most of the time. People who decide to stop taking the treatment half way through for example put themselves at risk. Bacteria you’re infected by might be only partly treated. This is the reason why your condition is improving, but this doesn’t mean you’ve gotten rid of the problem entirely. You can have a false sense of wellness.


If the bacteria Cipro is designed to combat are only partially treated, then this means that they would have a chance to multiply back and your condition would start getting worse again. So it’s going to be important to make sure to take the entire course of this treatment and don’t stop using until a doctor decides you’re ready to be taken off of it. If the first course isn’t enough to treat your condition, then a doctor will evaluate why and decide to prescribe you more or switch to something they feel will be more effective for you.


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