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Brand Levitra

Generic Name: Brand Levitra


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Dosage: 20mg


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Brand Levitra is a medication that’s known to help treat men who suffer from erectile dysfunction problems. This medication when used properly does the job of helping a man to achieve and to sustain an erection. The primary substance inside of it is Vardenafil.


Does a medication such as Brand Levitra help to improve potency or does it work solely to treat erectile dysfunction problems?


Potency deals with a man’s ability to properly ejaculate and or impregnate a woman. When a man isn’t able to maintain a proper erection then this can cause problems in this regard. Proper blood flow is important in this case. Because this medication has the ability to help a man in the erection area, it can help a man to be more potent as a result.


Does Brand Levitra help to restore relationships or does the drug cause more trouble than what it’s worth?


A healthy relationship is one where sex is a part of it. When a couple isn’t having sex due to problems the man is experiencing then this can cause all sorts of problems in the relationship. The women might be more irritable, stressed out and impatient. Regular sexual activity leads to more bonding and more satisfaction on both parts. So yes, if the reason why a relationship is on the rocks is due lack of sex, then this medication can help with that.


Can Brand Levitra be taken when a person is under the influence or should this never be done?


This particular medication can be taken when a person has had a little alcohol, but is not a good idea if a person has had a lot to drink. Also keep in mind that the main reason why some men suffer from ED problems in the first place is because of alcohol problems. So the ability to control this might be beneficial. If you do have something to drink, then make sure it’s a light wine or Champaign.


What are some of the potential side effects both minor and major a person puts themselves at risk for if  they use this medicational treatment?



 back pain





 chest pain

 irregular heartbeat

 vision changes


What are the best dosage amounts a man should take if he’s just getting started and just how high can the dosages go?


If a man is just getting started taking Brand Levitra, then a doctor will probably prescribe to him a dosage of about 10mg once each day. For most erectile dysfunction problems this is enough. If a man has a more serious problem though the dosage can go as high as 20mg. The minimum dosage required in order for the drug to be effective would be 5mg. If the drug isn’t working, even after taking the maximum dosage, then a doctor will need to evaluate why this is the case and make the required changes.


Can the Brand Levitra be combined with other ED medications to enhance its effectiveness?


This medication is known to work well on its own. It doesn’t need to be nor should it be mixed with other ED medications. Doing so can cause serious problems such as severe side effects requiring immediate medical attention.


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