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Generic Name: sulfasalazine (SUL fa SAL a zeen)


Brand Names: Azulfidine, Azulfidine EN-tabs, Sulfazine

Dosage: 500mg


Where to buy Azulfidine online?

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What Is This Medication And What Is It Designed To Do For Your Condition?


The generic name for the prescription medication Azulfidine is Sulfasalazine. It’s a drug that’s used in order to treat the symptoms of ulcerative colitis (a condition that causes the bowel to become inflamed). In addition to this the medication can also be used in order to provide treatment for the symptoms of Crohn’s disease (another form of inflammatory bowel disease). Azulfidine belongs to a class of medications called anti-inflammatories. It works by lowering instances of inflammation inside the body.


What are some of the main drawbacks to using this medication for men particularly that they need to know about in advance?


If you are a man using this medication, then it comes with the risk of causing you to have temporary infertility. Your fertility should come back after you stop using the drug though. Understand that this isn’t guaranteed to cause infertility short term, but it is a risk. So men need to think about this.


Is the risk for side effects more serious for certain groups of people or people who are in a certain age range?


If you are a person who is older, then you might be more at risk for side effects if you use this drug. Not only this, but side effects of a serious nature. If you are a person who is 65 years of age or older, then you want to make sure you use this drug under the careful watch of a doctor in order to protect against complications. This drug shouldn’t be taken by kids that are younger than 2 years old, because the safety of it nor its effectiveness has been proven for kids in the age range.


If you begin to feel well after a period of using this drug, then is it okay to lower how much you take or stop using it all together?


You’ll want to make sure you keep on using Azulfidine, even if you do begin to feel better. Your doctor will prescribe you a certain dosage of this drug for a reason and it’s important for you to use the entire prescription. Once this has happened they can determine if you still need to keep using it or if you can stop using it.


What are some of the potential side effects you might be at risk for if you decide to make use of this medicational treatment?




 Loss of appetite

 Upset stomach or stomach pain



Any side effects you experience as a result of using this medication should be minor in nature and shouldn’t last long. If you experience side effects for too long or if they become worse, then something else might be going on. You will want to contact a doctor and let them know as soon as you could. It’s also going to be important for you to be consistent with monitoring how you feel when on this drug so you can report this to a doctor as well. This will help make it easier for them to serve you moving forward.


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