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Generic Name: trihexyphenidyl (try hex ee FEH nih dill)


Brand Names: Artane, Trihexane


Dosage: 2mg


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What This Drug Is And How Its Use Is Going To Prove Beneficial To Your Health Problem


The generic name for the prescription medication Artane is Trihexyphenidyl. It’s used in order to treat the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease as well as tremors brought on by various medication conditions or even other drugs.


How important is it going to be in order to let your doctor know what other prescription medications you are using?


When you use Artane there is a chance that you can experience negative interactions if you use it with other medications. Because of this it’s going to be very important for you to let a doctor know about other medications you use. During this time a doctor will try to determine the following:


 If the other medications you are using will be problematic or not and if so what can be done about it-Some medications are higher risk than others simply because of what they are designed to do or how often you have to take them. Plus there’s the chance that you might need certain medications more than others. So taking you off a certain medication wouldn’t be an option in this case. Most of the time simple management is all that’s needed in order to control risk.


 How frequently do you have to use certain medications or how long will you be using them-This is important because in the case that you won’t be using a certain medication for long, then this can be factored in. If a certain medication is riskier to use with Artane than maybe use of Artane can be held off until that drug isn’t being used anymore. Frequent use of any other medication can be risky though, especially if you will need frequent daily doses of Artane.


 Do you have a history of problems with using drugs similar to Artane-Sometimes the best way to determine what your risk to a certain drug is will be to look at drugs you’ve used in the past. If you’ve used something like Artane in the past, then it’s going to be important to let a doctor know. If they can’t access your medical records than do the best you can to tell them what drugs you’ve used in the past and how you reacted to them. Use of a similar drug and how you reacted to it in the past is critical information.


Are there any potential side effects a person might be at risk for if they have to use this medicational treatment?



 Dizziness or blurred vision

 Dry mouth

 Upset stomach




 Increased eye sensitivity to light

 Difficulty urinating


Understand that the above side effects aren’t something you are guaranteed to experience, but they are the most common potential side effects. What you have to be careful of is that these side effects don’t last too long if you do experience them or that the severity of them isn’t too bad. If the severity is bad then you need to let a doctor know right away about what is going on.


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