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Generic Name: anastrozole (an AS troe zole)


Brand Names: Arimidex


Dosage: 1mg


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The generic name for the prescription medication Arimidex is called (anastrozole). The way Arimidex works is it’s able to decrease estrogen levels in women who are menopausal. When this happens it can decrease the speed at with certain forms of cancer are able to grow, such as breast tumors. Breast tumors rely on estrogen in order to grow in the body. So when their supply of estrogen is controlled it becomes harder for them to become more problematic.


The main use of this drug is to treat breast cancer in women that are postmenopausal. It’s usually prescribed to women who have progressive cancer even after these have used treatments such as tamoxifen (Nolvadex, Soltamox). There are other uses for this medicational treatment not mentioned here, but these other uses are best determined by a doctor who has extensive experience prescribing it for other reasons.


What are some of the potential common side effects a user might be at risk for if they have to use this medicational treatment?



 Weakness, hot flashes


 Numbness or tingly feeling in your skin


 Swelling in your ankles or feet


 Joint pain or stiffness, problems with your fingers while gripping


 Sore throat, headache, back pain, bone pain


 Depression, mood changes, sleep problems (insomnia)


 High blood pressure (severe headache, blurred vision, pounding in your neck or ears)


 Nausea, vomiting


 Mild rash


How long is it going to take for this medication to work or to work to its full potential and what can be done to help its effectiveness?


How long any medication will take to work is going to depend on different factors. Sometimes these can be age, body weight, the severity of the condition, etc. In order for a medication to work well for you it’s going to be important for a doctor to understand about your condition and your medical history. This is why it’s going to be very important for you to let them know certain information about you, because sometimes it will be hard to locate medical history.


No specific timeframe can be given as to how long Arimidex will take to work. The best way to know if it’s working is to get evaluated by a doctor with some degree of consistency. They will usually tell you how often you need to come in to see them so they can check how you are coming along on the drug. If you aren’t responding the way they feel you should, then they will inquire about why this might be the case.


If the treatment is working for you, then you will be advised to keep doing what you’ve been doing. If you want to increase the effectiveness of this drug, then the best thing you can do is use it the right way. This means following doctor instructions, especially if they have personalized instructions for you. You’ll want to develop a sound routine that you know you can stick to. Understand if there are any lifestyle changes you need to make while on the treatment.


Also let a doctor know if you are using any other medications or over the counter treatments. These would include herbal supplements and vitamins. In some cases herbal supplements and vitamins can have a negative effect on this drug. As long as you follow these guidelines, then use of this drug should work well for you.


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