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Generic Name: etoricoxib


Brand Names: Arcoxia


Dosage: 60mg, 90mg, 120mg


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What Is This Medicational Treatment And How Is It Going To Help Your Health Problem?


If you suffer from an arthritis condition, then you know that simple movement can become very tough. Arthritis is something that sneaks up on a person, but when it happens the symptoms can increase to the point of making it very hard to carry out basic functions. Medication is sometimes the only option in order to get the relief you need in order to not let the condition get to you. This is where Arcoxia comes in. Arcoxia is a medication designed to fight the symptoms of arthritis effectively without putting you at any serious risk.


Arcoxia works by attacking the chemicals that lead to pain and inflammation. It can also help for different conditions related to inflammation that might not be arthritis related.


Are there any serious side effects that come with the use of this treatment or should users not worry about this?


Arcoxia comes with a risk of side effects, but there are tiers. There are minor side effects, mild side effects and then major side effects. Minor side effects are the ones that are more probable to happen. These usually are the result of you getting used to taking the drug and don’t tend to last very long. The mild side effects can be more severe and will have to carefully be monitored. The major side effects are the ones that can be potentially life threatening.


If you want a complete and detailed list of the side effects it’s best to get it from your doctor. Usually there’s a detailed pamphlet that comes the drug and it will disclose to you in detail all the side effects Arcoxia can have potentially.


What if you’ve used Arcoxia in the past and it didn’t work for you the way you thought it would?


If you’ve used Arcoxia in the past and it didn’t work for you the way you thought it would, then another doctor would be interested in finding out why. If the drug didn’t work the first time, chances are you won’t be given another prescription. A doctor would probably decide to prescribe you something else. If Arcoxia doesn’t work for you as well as it should, then there are plenty of other options on the market that will help your condition.


How long can you expect a doctor to have you on this medicational treatment and can treatment be stopped at any time?


The seriousness of your condition is going to determine just how long you are on this drug. A doctor would want to make sure they gave you a long enough prescription to get you the help you need. More importantly though is going to be the way you respond to it. If you respond well, then you’ll be on it as long as needed. If you don’t respond well then a doctor will want to know why and will see what can be done about it. Most doctors aren’t going to be so quick to switch a patient to another drug, because this opens them up to complications. So they have to be sure of why the first option wasn’t as effective as expected or problematic.


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