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Generic Name: meclizine (MEK li zeen)


Brand Names: Antivert, Bonine, D-Vert, Dramamine

Dosage: 25mg


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What This Medicational Treatment Is And How It’s Use Is Going To Help Your Medical Condition


The generic name for the prescription medication Antivert is Meclizine. It’s a form of antihistamine that’s able to lower the impact of the natural chemical histamine inside the body. There are other uses for this drug as well, but a doctor might not always decide to give it to you for these reasons.


Antivert can help to stop nausea, vomiting as well as dizziness brought on due to motion sickness. It can be used in order to provide treatment for the symptoms of a condition called vertigo (dizziness and/or a spinning feeling) brought on due to a disease that impacts a person’s inner ear.


Seeing as how there are multiple uses for this medication it’s going to make sense for you to understand why a doctor might decide to give it to you rather than some other option. Well there are a few reasons for this:


A doctor might feel like your condition would be best treated if you use Antivert over another option – When this is the case a doctor probably has a long track record of recommending this drug to patients rather than other options. So it becomes a comfort thing on their part. If they’ve had patients respond to this drug the right way with minimal problems, then they are going to feel much better about giving it out over another option. Only if you had a higher risk with the drug for some reason might they decide otherwise.


Your medical history might suggest that you would respond very well to this treatment – In some cases a doctor isn’t going to have access to your medical records in order to determine if this would be the case. When they do, then they might see that your condition at the moment is highly likely to respond well to use of Antivert. This provides more reassurance and makes it easier to give you the drug.


There are other uses for this medication not mentioned here, but these other uses are best left to a doctor to decide. The main way that a doctor would decide it’s good to use this drug for some other purpose is if they’ve seen several patients respond positively in the past. Another reason would be because other doctors have used it for other purposes.


In any case should you find you’re being given this drug for some other reason other than its main purpose, then make sure you understand why. In many cases a doctor will just stay with the core use of the medication in order to ensure you get the best help possible.


What are some of the more common potential side effects a user might face if they decide to use this medicational treatment for their condition?




 Dry mouth

 Tired feeling



The above side effects are temporary and should go away after a short period of use. The seriousness of any of them should be fairly low.


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