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Generic Name: clomipramine (kloe MI pra meen)


Brand Names: Anafranil


Dosage: 10mg, 25mg, 50mg, 75mg


Where to buy Anafranil online?

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What Is This Medication And How Is It Going To Help Your Health Condition To Improve?


The generic name for Anafranil is Clomipramine. It’s a part of a class of medications called tricyclic antidepressants. Its main use is to help treat depression as well as obsessive compulsive disorders (OCD). These are disorders that are usually caused due to imbalances of specific chemicals within the brain. Anafranil helps to correct some of these imbalances so that a person can get over their depression or obsessive compulsive disorder problems. Anafranil usually take a period of a few days in order to start seeing the full benefit of its use. There might be other uses for this drug, but these uses are left to a doctor to decide.


What is the typical dosage of this medication that a doctor will give to you in the beginning stages of treatment?


The typical dosage a doctor might decide to give you of Anafranil is going to range based on the severity of your condition. Understand the dosage you’ll get in the beginning is going to be designed with safety in mind. The goal is to give you a dosage that’s going to keep your chances of side effects down while offering the greatest benefit. The different dosages of this drug are anywhere from 25mg to 200mg daily. You’ll usually be told to take the drug with meals because this helps you not to have stomach problems as a result.


It’s going to be important for a doctor to carefully monitor you in the beginning stages of treatment, because they will need to see how you react to the drug. The purpose of Anafranil is to make you feel better by helping the symptoms of depression or obsessive compulsive disorder, not to make you feel worse. So if a doctor feels the drug isn’t working for you the way they expect it to then they might decide to increase the dosage or even consider alternative forms of treatment?


Is it safe to discontinue use of this medication suddenly or is there a process that must be followed before you can stop taking it?


You never want to just stop using Anafranil. You will need to consult with a doctor and they will need to determine if your condition has improved enough for you to not need to be on this medication anymore. If you make the mistake of just stopping use of the drug, then you run the risk of experiencing withdrawal symptoms and your symptoms of depression or OCD can come back.


A doctor will need to gradually decrease the dosage you’re taking if the goal is to get you off the drug. This is to protect you and to ensure your transition is smooth.


What are some of the potential common side effects you put yourself at risk for if you decide to use this medicational treatment?


 Appetite changes (increase or decrease)




 Dryness of the mouth



 Hot flushes

 Loss of appetite

 Tiredness or weakness (mild)


 Visual changes

 Weight gain


What are some of the more serious potential side effects you put yourself at risk for as a result of using this medicational treatment?



 Decreased sexual ability or interest

 Dizziness when rising from a sitting or lying position

 Eye pain

 Fast or irregular heartbeat (pounding, racing, skipping)

 Nervousness or restlessness

 Problems with urinating

 Shakiness or trembling


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