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Brand NamesAcivir


Dosage: 200mg


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What Is This Medicational Treatment And How Can It Treat Your Condition?


Acivir is a form of medication known as an antiviral. It’s designed to help combat a specific type of viral infection that people can get through contact with others who have it. The virus it’s treats is herpes. Herpes is a virus that if not treated properly can really impact the quality of a person’s life. It can spread really fast and grow really fast. Also, people who have depressed immune systems already from another condition will be especially vulnerable.


Acivir pills help a herpes infected person to live a normal life, control frequency of symptoms as well as the severity of them, and keep the virus under control. It’s a well known antiviral treatment and is trusted by a lot of doctors, but it has to be the right type for a patient as not all versions of an antiviral drug will work well for everyone.


What’s the main way Acivir works to control the herpes virus?


The reason why herpes can be so problematic is because of the speed at which it can grow and spread. In order to keep it under control certain elements of the virus have to be attacked. This isn’t easily done, but with proper controlling of the speed and growth of the virus so too are the symptoms controlled. Acivir is able to do what it does by inhibiting the DNA polymerase of the virus. This DNA is important to the virus so that it’s able to grow and spread at a high rate. By inhibiting this DNA it’s able to prevent spreading/growth effectively.


How is Acivir classified?


Acivir is a form of antiviral medication, but its official classification is as a nucleoside analogue. If you want to know more about this class of medications, then the best option would be for you to ask information from a doctor who can give you detailed answers. Some mainstream pharmacy websites might also carry extensive information about this class of drugs.


Is acivir a medication that’s going to ultimately cure a person with herpes or is it just used as a preventative drug?


Once a person has the herpes virus it’s for the long term. No actual cure for the condition exists. The best thing a person can do is use the proper medication in order to keep the symptoms under control. These symptoms can range in terms of severity and can really make it hard to live a quality life if left unchecked. Acivir pills help to fight the virus effectively by stopping it from duplicating its DNA.


This is very important, because without such treatment a person’s immune system would have a very tough time dealing with the infection. The immune system would become overtaxed and this could lead to other medical problems. Acivir, if used properly and consistently will effectively fight symptoms of herpes such as genital herpes and sores. It can also treat sores caused because of chicken pox as well as shingles.


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