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Brand Names: Finpecia


Dosage: 1mg


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What Is This Medication And How Can It Help Treat Your Problem?


Finpecia is a medication that is a part of a group of treatments called 5-alpha reductase inhibitors. These are drugs designed to help in the treatment of male pattern baldness (this is a condition where the hairline starts to recede on the top of the scalp). Finpecia has been proven clinically to help stimulate new hair growth and to halt the process of balding. The main way this happens is by stopping testosterone from being turned into DHT (dihydrotestosterone, which is a type of hormone that can lead to baldness by means of damaging follicles).


What are some of the potential side affects you might be at risk for if you have to take a medication like Finpecia?



 Runny nose

 Breast pain

 Swollen breasts

 Pain in the testicles


If you want to be successful with the use of this medicational treatment, then what do you need to do in order to give yourself the highest probability of this?


Finpecia is a medicational treatment that works for those who are willing to stick with it, but besides from this you can’t rely on the drug alone. What you need to do is focus on some of the other things you might be doing in order to cause hair loss of any form.


Using harsh soaps in your hair to clean it


How many people use harsh soaps in their hair in order to keep it clean? Sure, at first this might seem like it’s a good thing, because it allows you to have a clean scalp right? Think about it though. The soaps you use are probably very strong and people tend to over focus on their hair when they do clean it. These harsh soaps can contribute to long term and short term hair loss, so you have to stop using them.


Instead of using harsh soaps in your hair, the focus should be on gentler treatments. This is going to mean you being willing to invest a little more time in the purchasing process. You will want washes for your hair that are more natural, gentler, and not meant to be used so frequently. This will go a long way in helping you if you also plan to use a treatment like Finpecia.


Using harsh/cheap specialty shampoos on your hair


People who like to keep their hair free of dandruff of even like it to smell a certain way will use specialty shampoos they believe will help them. These specialty shampoos come in all forms and some of them are quite cheap. The cheap options are the ones that are the worse for you, because they are more chemically loaded and the quality of the other ingredients is low as well. This hurts your hair in the long run and might contribute to you losing it.


What you need is to focus on shampoos (such as dandruff shampoos) that aren’t going to zap your hair of all the nutrients it needs in order to be strong and healthy. Also, using superior options (ones that are more natural) will help to prevent problems such as dry scalp and the itching associated with it.


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